The BridgePay Card Account Updater (CAU) service system supports seamlessly updating card account information. CAU can reduce the number of declined authorization requests and lost sales opportunities for account-on-file payments. By automatically maintaining the accuracy of customer card data, the CAU system prevents disruptions due to account changes. CAU can extend the life of automatic recurring payment arrangements by helping to secure ongoing revenue generating relationships, reduce processing costs, maintain service continuity and strengthen cardholder satisfaction.

BridgePay customers can submit card numbers for obtaining replacement card numbers or expiration dates for their recurring transactions. BridgePay Card Account Updater Service supports: Visa and MasterCard for US Issuers, Acquirers and merchants. MasterCard for Canadian Issuers, Acquirers and merchants. Discover for First Data based merchants ONLY.

A basic overview of the file submission process begins with the client sending files to the BridgePay CAU service or data is retrieved from gateway containing account information regarding situations such as account number and expiration date changes. The BridgePay CAU service processes each file through the card brand services. The card brands return a file back to the BridgePay CAU service. The BridgePay CAU service generates return file for client consumption containing the updated account information.
Registration with a Sponsor Bank is required to participate in the CAU program. Please reach out to your Sponsor Bank so they may begin the registration process with Visa and MasterCard. For more information on using this product, please reach out to