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Developer Center


Welcome to the TGATE PathwayLINK Gateway Developer Center where you will find documentation and sample code for integrating our platform solutions into your software.
Please note that you will need a test account to verify samples and API.
All Applications can be downloaded here.

TGATE PathwayLINK Gateway Documentation & Matrices

PathwayLINK VT User Guide/Merchant Manual Download
PathwayLINK VT Quick Reference Guide Download
PathwayLINK API: Transaction Processing Download
PathwayLINK API: SecureLINK Download
PathwayLINK API: Reporting Download
PathwayLINK API: Credit Card Utilities Download
PathwayLINK API: Recurring Billing Download
PathwayLINK API: Shopping Cart - WebLINK2.0 Download
PayLINK API: Integrated Solution SDK Download
PayLINK PayLink User Guide/Merchant Manual Download
PayLINK Implementation Guide/PA DSS Download
PayLINK QuickStart Guide - ver 254 - TLS 1.2 Download
PayLINK PayLINK4RMS User Guide Download
PathwayLINK Processor Certification Matrix Download
PathwayLINK Hardware Compatibility List Download


TGATE PathwayLINK Developer Sample Projects

PathwayLINK HTML HTTP POST Sample Download
PathwayLINK Java HTTP POST Sample Download
PathwayLINK Java Script AJAX Sample Download
PathwayLINK PHP Sample Download
PathwayLINK PYTHON HTTP POST Sample Download
PathwayLINK VB.NET Web Services Sample Download
PathwayLINK VB6 Web Services Sample Download
PayLINK DLL C# Sample Download
PayLINK DLL Delphi Sample Download
PayLINK DLL VB.NET Sample Download
PayLINK DLL VB6 Sample Download
PayLINK OCX VB6 Sample Download