NFC Payments
BridgePay has the ability to process NFC payments through both the TGATE PathwayLINK Gateway and the BridgePay Gateway. In fact, the gateway has been enabled for NFC processing on the following platforms: TSYS, First Data Omaha, First Data Nashville, First Data North, and Chase Paymentech. Read on for more FAQs on NFC payments and how to process them with BridgePay!

What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communications. This technology allows a customer’s device to act as a “wallet” initiating a contactless payment with a merchant’s NFC-ready device at the time of checkout. Applications such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet utilize NFC for their wallet applications.
Many factors go into play when determining if NFC processing can be used:
  • The gateway must support NFC via the merchant’s processor.
  • If the merchant is using a point-of-sale (POS), the POS must support NFC.
  • The merchant needs to have the proper NFC enabled device to accept the transaction.
  • The customer must have the proper device and have the specified wallet and payment enabled on their device.


What NFC applications can be used on the gateway?

BridgePay can accept NFC payments for applications such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Softcard.

What processors are supported for NFC?

TSYS, First Data Omaha, First Data Nashville, First Data North, Heartland, and Chase Paymentech. Look for future announcements on additional processors being added.

What NFC hardware devices are supported?

Any device that is NFC enabled will work.

For our Point of Sale integrators integrated via the PathwayLINK API:

POS integrated partners will need to make a minor coding change to your current integration. Please reach out to our Developer Support team at to start this process. The POS will require a mini-recert to enable NFC and verify it is working properly. Once this mini-cert has been completed, you will receive an updated certification letter and be able to enable your merchants for NFC acceptance.

For merchants wanting to accept NFC payments:

Please contact your POS provider to inquire if they have made the enhancement to accept NFC payments.

Which BridgePay Products support NFC payments?

Merchants can accept NFC payments via a certified POS application that can accept NFC payments. While NFC will not work with PayLINK, our newest PA-DSS middleware product, Pay Guardian, (link the PG URL) will be NFC capable along with offering EMV.
More information on Apple Pay and Google Wallet can be found here: