EMV is on the forefront of all point of sale providers’ minds and merchants alike. For those of you contemplating your EMV strategy, PayGuardian could very well be a key component of that strategy. Our newest addition to the BridgePay Gateway, PayGuardian offers integrators and merchants an out of scope PA-DSS solution while adding the important EMV component. We built PayGuardian to provide all-in-one light weight, highly secure client application that integrates into the transaction process of the point of sale. PayGuardian handles the collection and transmission of sensitive payment information, thus offloading the certification responsibility from merchants and integrators.
PayGuardian has applications to meet the needs of many different industry types. Whether you are an integrator with an Android tablet to manage ticket sales or a restaurant POS using iOS, PayGuardian has a solution. PayGuardian is also customized to meet the needs of our pharmacy partners. A list of these customized features can be viewed here.
Here are some of the PayGuardian highlights:
  • PayGuardian is written in Java and works with all operating systems, including iOS and Android.
  • PayGuardian is a true thin client application that is easy to install.
  • PayGuardian offers an individual device license or a multi-lane license environment.
  • PayGuardian offers an NFC solution, including support of Apple Pay.
  • PayGuardian includes EMV device support.