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Evolving industry standards require that every application passing card holder data through their system must meet PCI PA (Payment Applications) requirements. PayLINK is the industry’s first PCI PA-DSS (Payment Application-Data Security Standard) payment client software, relieving ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) of handling cardholder sensitive data through their point of sale (POS) systems. The PayLINK solution is designed for both retail and restaurant card-present solutions. The PayLINK integration allows the POS to effectively process transactions via our PCI-compliant BridgePay Gateway directly to a wide variety of merchant processors.
Built to solve the PCI PA-DSS challenges ISVs and their customers face, this thin-client application performs as the payment module in the POS. Once the transaction is received by the POS, the transaction is off-loaded to the PayLINK payment module, which then drives the encrypted peripheral device to capture the sensitive card data. The transaction is then routed to the payment server and relays back a token containing non-sensitive data to the POS. The POS does not retain any card data, which reduces the scope of PCI. PayLINK supports many dependable and easy to use encrypted peripheral devices. This list of certified and encrypted MSRs (Magnetic Swipe Readers), pin pads and signature capture pads can be found in our Developer Center.


The PayLINK product has numerous benefits for ISVs, MSPs (Merchant Service Providers), and merchant processors including:
  • Reduction of PCI scope when used in conjunction with SecureLINK Encryption & Tokenization
  • Writing and maintenance of code required to support transaction processing is minimized
  • Simple and flexible integration methods
  • Branding capabilities on the application’s payment page
  • Virtual terminal provided to operate in standalone, nonintegrated manner
  • PayLINK is designed for use with Microsoft-based traditional POS systems


The Customer Selected Tender feature of PayLINK allows Integrators to let the customer select what type of card based transaction they would like to use. This also allows PayLINK to guide customers to use debit or credit processing based on the merchant's preference.
To see our PCI Payment Application validation, please visit the PCI Security Council’s website by clicking here.








BridgePay’s PayLINK Delivers


  • Industry
  • Payments
  • Credit
  • Fraud
  • Product
  • Integration
  • Hardware

• Retail

• Direct Marketing/MOTO

• Restaurant

• Credit

• Debit with PIN



• Gift Card

• Check Verification & Guarantee

• Level II Processing

• Level III Processing (available in 2014)

• MasterCard

• Visa

• American Express

• Discover




• Encrypted Card MSRs

• Tokenized Transaction

• User Audit Logging

• Password Protected Configuration

• Magnetic Swipe Verification

• Idle Logout Timer

• PA-DSS Certified

• Tip Adjust

• Auto Submit

• Demo Mode

• Intuitive User Interface

• Virtual Keyboard

• On Screen Prompts

• Comprehensive SDK

• Customizable User Interface

• Level II BIN Management

• .Net Library (dll)

• ActiveX Control OCX

• File Drop

PayLINK currently supports devices from these vendors:



Blue Bamboo


Please see our Hardware Compatibility List for a complete list of hardware solutions.