BridgePay offers exclusive solutions for users of Microsoft’s Dynamic Retail Management System (RMS). Designed to act as a conduit between the BridgePay PayGuardian certified payment client software and RMS, BridgePay proudly offers PayGuardian4RMS. This module is inherent in the latest version of PayGuardian and designed to run seamlessly with the POS. Once the plug-in has been activated, the processing parameters are bridged and you can immediately begin using all of PayGuardian’s features within the RMS software. No additional integration is required for this product. Simply install and go!


PayGuardian4RMS Features:

  • Basic installations completed in tandem with PayGuardian and seamless configuration with RMS
  • SecureLINK Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) for maximum security
  • PayGuardian4RMS has the ability to process pin-based debit, credit, check, signature capture, and gift transactions