SecureLINK Tokenization

SecureLINK Tokenization is a card-based secure technology where card based tokens are generated for each card number as a secondary PAN (Primary Account Number aka credit card number) in place of the primary PAN. In this method, the same token is generated every time for the same card number in a one-way encrypted BridgePay proprietary algorithm preserving the length, bin range, and last four digits of the primary PAN. SecureLINK Tokenization is available to our merchants processing transactions on the BridgePay Gateway.


  • Card Based Tokens have zero value to hackers if stolen thus ensuring your customer's data is secure
  • Eliminates localized storage of actual cardholder data
  • One to one relationship between the token and the PAN


dividerWhat is Tokenization?
Tokenization is a process that replaces sensitive data (e.g. credit card number) with a unique token that retains all the essential information without compromising security. Tokens can be used in place of the original sensitive data. Implemented properly, tokenization reduces the scope for PCI-DSS certification.


dividerThe Token

Tokens can be customized based on the POS payment environment and requirements. At minimum, the token is a 16 digit number with the last four digits matching the last 4 digits of the PAN. Tokens are maintained in an encryption appliance with regular, automated key rotation to provide increased levels of security. The lifetime of a token is configurable - tokens are held for a maximum of 24 months, unless otherwise requested for wallet (i.e. recurring payment) transactions. Each POS relationship has its own domain within the encryption appliance and all tokens can be used across multiple Merchant IDs. Once a token is generated for a given PAN, the same token will be re-used for subsequent transactions during the token lifetime, also known as card vaulting.